While Jay Leno might be known as Late Night's reigning car nut, David Letterman (AKA Santa Claus) isn't far behind, appearing live on Sportscenter at the Indy 500 this weekend in the default state of the American racing fan: Drunk. All joking aside though, let's just be glad Dave wasn't driving the pace car.

In this 2nd installment by skateboarder Richie Jackson, we're treated to a skateboard history video circa 1976, Skateboarding Education Lesson School featuring the non-gravity-defying Varial Heelflip, and we find out the name of Richie's abominable trick as chosen by viewers like you. Tune in for the next episode of The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show Monday, June 3.

Let Richie know what you'd like to see in the next episode in the comments below.

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The World Championship Punkin Chunkin—which pits the world's most insane pumpkin launchers, catapults, and slighshots against each other in a no-holds-barred battle for long-distance supremacy—​was recently cancelled for the second year in a row. If that bums you out as much as it does us, then tune in as we wish the craziest gourd-launching throwdown in the universe a quick and fruitful (pun intended) return to relevancy.

Because apparently class 4 rapids are "like, whatever", these two (very possibly drunk) sisters decided to duke it out mid-raft trip in a no-holds-barred fight for the internet ages captured on the helmet cams of a group of kayakers who happened to be passing by. This is one of the most ridiculous, funny, and depressing things we've seen in awhile, so check it out and join us in wishing humanity all the best as it casually floats toward oblivion.

UPDATE: WAIT! The raft guide casually kisses one of the sisters on the lips (2:05) after the fight has cooled down. Looks like there is one more twist to this story yet...

So first things first. If a bear wants to eat your kayak. Let it. Slowly back away until you're at a safe distance and resist the urge to film it on your phone so that you totally alert and ready to react at a moment's notice. Agreed? OK, good. Now let's watch this very distraught girl beg an Alaskan black bear to stop snacking on her kayak and laugh because no one got hurt.

Something tells us you've never seen this before and will, in all likelihood, never see it again. If you're a fan of crazy car fails and general WTF internet moments, then put this one on loop.

Love waterslides and stepping disoriented into the bright Berlin morning after a night (or was it two?) of dancing your face off in some nameless concrete dungeon that you needed a password to get into? Well, we have just the thing for you: Black Hole, a wild waterslide in Bremerhaven outfitted with more than enough technicolor goodness to keep your inner party animal's most ravenous hunger satisfied. Check it out, bro.

Ever seen a drug commercial and been left shaking your head at the absurdity? Ever gotten outside and suddenly had all your problems fixed for a few hours? Then this winking, tongue-in-cheek parody commercial for Nature RX is sure to offer a up a laugh or two. Give it a watch and then get out there and take your medicine.

The whole younger-dude-in-a-grandpa-outfit schtick might seem a bit played by now, but that doesn't make this footage of 20-year-old ripper Danny Lion rolling up to the park in full geezer mode with a crew of AARP-reppin' accomplices any less hilarious. The looks on the local skaters faces as Lion starts tearing apart the bowl are absolutely priceless. Check it out, you'll see what we mean.

Want to spice up your next American Warrior training sesh? Well, this guy clearly knows the feeling, hitting the gym in a T-Rex costume for what has to be the most unexpectedly hilarious videos in awhile. If you like goofy slapstick (and who doesn't, from time to time), then this one is a must-watch.