Ski Slams

Ian McIntosh has got to be superhuman or something. While filming for Teton Gravity Research's newest film, Paradise Waits, he took this hellacious 1,600-foot tumble down the Neacola range in Alaska. Thankfully, he pulled his airbag almost immediately and came away fairly unscathed.

"I was taking off near 60mph and felt like I was getting launched out of a cannon."

Sammy Carlson has a steel sack. He decided to tackle Copper Peak, a 24-story ski jump in Michigan that has 364-feet of vertical drop and an elevator to get to the top. The largest ski jump in the Western Hemisphere, it hadn't been hit in 20-years, and Sammy nails it before giving it a go switch. This is one of the most absurd ski moments we've ever witnessed.

Is there anything better than a bunch of ski slams to fill up some time amongst your Internet browsing? Of course not. Thanks Level 1, and all the skiers who have been hucking themselves off things all winter long.

This is certainly one of the worst downhill ski crashes we've ever seen. Some days Birds Of Prey don't go as planned. In 2006, former US Ski Team rising star TJ Lanning had one of the worst crashes ever seen. But somehow he walked away with just a broken hand. If it wasn't for that netting this certainly would've been a different story.

Each year Poor Boyz Productions puts out one of the best ski videos around. And each year, the collection of freeskiers that film with Poor Boyz have to go through some serious slams and bails to get clips for their video parts. Their pain is your gain. Poor Boyz has released a crash reel featuring all the thrills and spills they collected while filming for WE: A Collection of Individuals.