Full Loop

Want to see something insane? Well, Jaguar and stunt driver, Greg Tracy, have just the ticket: A 62-and-a-half-foot, Guinness World Record-shattering loop...in an SUV. Breaking the previous mark set by Mattel's Hot Wheels loop a few years back, this 6.5G stunt served as an elaborate launch for Jaguar's new F-PACE performance UTE, but backdoor marketing campaign aside, this is just about as gnarly as you can get on four wheels.

Some people want to climb Mt. Everest, some people dream of backing a car through a garage door, and some people want to do a full loop on a bike. That last one was on BMX pro Daniel Wedemeijer's—that is until he crossed it off the list recently. And he nailed it with pretty precise ease, too.

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Yes, the Sky Caliber will not be the first waterslide with a full loop—that distinction belongs to the old Action Park in New Jersey. But when it opens in 2016 at the revamped Action Park, the Sky Caliber will be the first full loop waterslide that shouldn't break your neck.

Riders will plunge down a 90-degree (that's vertical for you geometry-challenged folks), 45-foot long free-fall that sends them blasting through the 30-foot tall full loop at speeds up to 50mph. And you're going to be doing all of this inside what is essentially an alumni-reinforced coffin that they're calling an ultra raft vehicle. Where does the line between roller coaster and waterslide actually end?

h/t Gizmodo

It's just one more thing Jaws can do that you can't