Tim Knoll has one of the most unique perspectives in today's BMX industry, and his latest part—which finds the flatland wizard hitting the streets of Berlin for some mind-boggling hi-jinx—is proof of that and more. Check it out. Go pop some Excedrin. Check it out again.

Red Bull R.Evolution pushes BMX racing in Berlin.
Anyone that is into BMX knows the 1980's movie "Rad." (If you aren't, get it on Netflix. Now!) The film shows a small-town kid named Cru Jones trying to make it to the big time at a contest at Helltrack. Today, the place where a BMX rider like Cru would want to show his stuff is the Red Bull R.Evolution contest. This year's contest took place on the innovative and challenging course at Mellowpark in Berlin, Germany. Connor Fields of the U.S. held off Renato Rezende of Brazil and Desmond Tessemaker of the Netherlands.