Rob Machado

Skateboarder shows off his skills at the US Open of Surfing.
The Hurley team had a very successful trip to the US Open of Surfing. Alejo Muniz won the men's surfing contest, Carissa Moore was the women's surf champion, and skater Greyson Fletcher finished second in the Van Doren Invitational bowl contest. Fletcher also showed that he is quite the juggler. So if this skating thing doesn't work out, he always has that to fall back on.

Jason Mraz doesn't just sing easy listening hits that your mother rocks out to such as "I'm Yours." He also surfs and is pretty good at it. Mraz recently went to Malibu for a session with pro surfer Rob Machado and Jesse Billauer, the paraplegic surfer who started the Life Rolls On foundation dedicated to spinal cord research. While sharing waves with Mraz and Machado, Billauer rips the 'Bu on his custom WaveJet surfboard.

The crowd in Huntington Beach loved Mick Machado and Kelly Smith.
The Vans US Open of Surfing draws an eclectic crowd to the shores of Huntington Beach, California. One thing that most of the people in attendance had in common was a massive lack of surf knowledge. It's a good thing that the dose crew was on hand to expose all the posers. Michaela Eichenbaum caught up with everyone from the guy with "Tug Me" written across his stomach to the US Open's unofficial twerk team.