It's one thing to be crazy. It's altogether another to be and crazy and smart. This dude, however, is out to prove he's exactly that, solving a Rubik's Cube while in a skydive freefall in this crazy POV video. As anyone who has ever skydived before will tell you, it's hard enough to breathe, let alone think, so make sure to give this guy a good ol' fashioned golf clap before moving onto to other virtual pastures.

In 2012, 138 skydivers, leaping from multiple planes, took to the skies to break the world record for the largest vertical formation skydive in history. Not the breed to sit still and polish their trophies, however, the world skydive community put their admittedly insane heads together to come up with something that would top that feat, eventually settling on one simple solution: Add more bodies. 26 of them to be exact. Sure, the glory would have to be spread even thinner, but the results, as you'll see, are more than worth the sacrifice.

If the fact that Furious 7 drops in less than a month doesn't excite you enough, here's some further incentive to get your blood pumping.

There's a scene in the new movie where the team jumps out of a C-130 cargo plane in their cars and lands them safely in the mountains because they have parachutes attached—utterly ridiculous concept. But you'd be surprised to find out that they actually did this for the scene.

It makes sense though that they didn't use CGI for this scene and filmed it actually happening. But still, this is just a whole 'nother level of crazy (even for the Fast And Furious series). Dropping April 3 in theaters, we'll surely be there on opening night.

YouTube user Nomadic Adrenaline had one of the scariest skydiving moments we've ever seen on film. Around 9,000 feet he began having a seizure and went unconscious. Essentially he was free-falling to his death without being able to do a damn thing about it. Thankfully, his jumpmaster got a hold of him and pulled his ripcord around 4,000 feet. Nomadic Adrenaline eventually regained consciousness around 3,000 feet and was able to safely land back on the ground.

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Brandon Strohbehn isn't the first guy to do something crazy for a proposal to his girlfriend. But by proposing while skydiving with his girlfriend (and now fiancé) Nicole, it certainly ensures that when you go to propose you better do something cool. Especially if your girl happens to watch this video Brandon filmed with his GoPro of the dive/proposal.