Tim Knoll

Tim Knoll has one of the most unique perspectives in today's BMX industry, and his latest part—which finds the flatland wizard hitting the streets of Berlin for some mind-boggling hi-jinx—is proof of that and more. Check it out. Go pop some Excedrin. Check it out again.

Tim Knoll is the world record holder for bike limbo, so it only makes sense to follow along with him on a bike limbo under a row of semi-trucks. He does other stuff too in this Milwaukee edit, but the bike limbo is where it's at.

It must be the ear warmers. From dunking on a basketball hoop to flipping from one bike to another, Tim Knoll is winning the Internet with this BMX trick shot video.

Just make sure that the party is held some place with a bunch of semi trailers.
Tim Knoll is BMX's answer to all those trick-shot videos. In his latest, Knoll shows how he learned to do the limbo on his bike under a series of trailers for 18-wheelers. Just remember, don't lift your head. Ever.