Formula Drift's Ken Gushi was a pro drifter before he had a driver's license

Details. Minor details

Even though we are used to seeing Formula Drift drivers all over the Internet, it doesn't mean that these guys are rich celebrities who have some servant around to do everything for them from buckling their seat belt to feeding them food. The latest episode of Drift Chronicles examines all the joys and not so joyous things that come along with getting to Formula Drift events. For his first Formula Drift event, Matt Powers street drove his car to the race. Ken Gushi couldn't pull that off because he was drifting professionally before he even had a driver's license. Of course, the best way to get to any Formula Drift event is to be in an RV with Corey Hosford, Chris Forsberg, and Jensen Argyle III. The comedy of Argyle's jean shorts is enough to make the hours pass quickly.