Dose: Don't ask graffiti artist Pixote what "Pixote" means

Spend a day with the New York City graffiti artist

Walk around New York City for a bit and it's hard to not come across the large-scale artwork of Pixote. Like most graffiti artists (the ones who do real graffiti, not the ones who have crossed over into mainstream art), not too much is known about Pixote and that's just the way Pixote wants it. But to celebrate the release of his collaborative skate deck series with Fools Gold Records and Shut Skateboards, Dose caught up with the reclusive artist to find out about his love of skateboarding and music and the thrill that he still gets from graffiti. The collaboration comes together with Shut's Pat Hoblin skating by some of Pixote's signature pieces as the music of Fool's Gold artist Black Atlass plays.