Riley Hawk turns 21, goes pro, and wins Best Am award in the span of 5 minutes

Talk about the best birthday ever

Pro skater and Baker Skateboards chief Andrew Reynolds takes special pride in coming up with creative ways to announce that one of his team's riders is going pro. There was the time he turned Theotis Beasley pro on stage at the Transworld Skateboarding Awards. Or when Reynolds hired a mariachi band for Moose's pro party. So when it was time for Baker amateur skater Riley Hawk to make the jump to the pro ranks, Reynolds knew he had to step up. It isn't every day that the son of skate legend Tony Hawk starts collecting royalties on board sales. So Reynolds staged a birthday party at the Birdman (and Riley's) house and presented him with his pro model board. Then, for icing on the proverbial birthday cake, Riley received another gift: the Best Am of the Year award from the Skateboard Mag. Best. Birthday. Ever.

Discovered From: RIDEChannel