7 things we learned at Formula Drift New Jersey

The Garden State brought it

Round 4 of the 2014 Formula Drift season is in the books. And it went off. A sellout crowd turned out to Wall Speedway in New Jersey to watch Fredric Aasbo win his first Formula Drift event ever. We had an all-access pass to the event so we were able to get the inside scoop. Here's 7 things we learned from Formula Drift New Jersey

Photo credit: Instagram/Alex Wong

1 Chris Forsberg is a total beast

Our very own Chris Forsberg is on another level this year with his driving. New Jersey was his fourth consecutive podium in four races this year. The speed he carries into and out of turns is violently beautiful. This road to the finals video by Daily Motion illustrates Forsberg's control perfectly. With a 59-point lead coming out of this weekend, Forsberg seems well on his way to winning his second Formula D championship (he won the title in 2009).

Source: Twitter

2 Chelsea Denofa doesn't need no stinkin' bumper

Chelsea Denofa hit the wall in and lost his bumper in his Round of 32 battle against Patrick Mordaunt. That didn't slow him down one bit. Denofa continued driving while dragging his bumper and then kept going even after losing two tires, which makes two straight events with serious crashes for Denofa. Watch the video here.

Source: Daily Motion

3 New Jersey is New Jersey

Porkroll, egg, and cheese. Funnel cakes. Fried Oreos. These are just a few examples of the fine cuisine on offer at Wall Stadium Speedway in New Jersey. The fact that the event is BYOB only added to the Jersey charm.

Source: Ryan Brower

4 Promo girls and umbrellas are a thing of beauty

Not much explanation needed here.

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5 Ryan Tuerck is hands down the most popular Formula Drift driver

We hung out around Ryan Tuerck's pit area all weekend and it provided an interesting glimpse into how big of a celebrity the Tuerck'd star is. Every time he enters or leaves his pit area, Tuerck is mobbed by fans—and he is incredibly gracious with them. When Tuerck and Forsberg did an autograph signing on Saturday, a line had already formed a half-hour before. At its peak, the line was over 100 feet long. Tuerck was even signing babies and is so popular he was able to do some doubles drifting with his twin brother Justin.

Source: Drew Amer

6 Chris Forsberg only loses when he makes a mistake

Not to take anything away from Fredric Aasbo's first Formula Drift win, but if Forsberg hadn't collided with him in the final, Forsberg likely would have an even bigger lead in the overall standings than the one he already has.


7 New Jersey packs 'em in

New Jersey is the state with the highest population per-square-mile in the United States. So it only makes sense that Wall Stadium Speedway packed drivers and fans in like sardines. The sold-out crowd was one of the biggest Formula Drift crowds ever and cars were barely missing spectators all day.

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