What does a winning freestyle skateboarding run look like in 2014?

Two words: epic combos

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Little know fact: there is a World Freestyle Skateboarding Championships. It's currently in its third year being held in Surrey, British Columbia—just southeast of Vancouver. Mike Osterman won the 2014 Pro division with this run featuring a series of epic combos. While not exactly attracting the crowds or payouts of a Street League event, this global gathering of hardcore freestylers convene at the Cloverdale Rodeo grounds annually to bust out freestyle moves with awards going to the top Am and Pro competitor, as well as individual awards for Best 360 Spin Off, Best Handstand Trick, and Longest Coconut Wheelie.

Which leaves us with two questions: what's a coconut wheelie and is freestyle skateboarding making a comeback? Respond below, we really don't know the answers.

Discovered From: ProtestSkateboards