Is there any way this video of Tony Hawk riding a hoverboard is real?

The future may have just arrived

Today, Tony Hawk posted an Instagram video of him riding a hoverboard with the caption, "HOVERBOARDS ARE REAL." This has been every skater's dream since Marty McFly first rode one in Back To The Future II. Hawk rode the board at an event hosted by a company called HUVr Tech, which claims to have invented the world's first hoverboard. HUVr Tech is made up of MIT grad students who specialize in materials science, electricity, and magnetism, and they invited other celebrities including former NFL player Terrell Owens and musical artists Moby and Schoolboy Q to try it out along with Back to the Future stars Christopher Lloyd and Billy Zane.

We so want this to be real, but it's hard not to be skeptical. It could easily just be one of those wire stunts that have been part of action movies for years, or some Jimmy Kimmel hoax. Still, we want to believe.

UPDATE: And Funny Or Die was behind this whole fake video. According to Mashable, the costume designer who worked on the set had it on her online resume—which has now been removed from her online resume. So maybe there's still a chance this is actually real. No. Not at all. Alas, we're still waiting for the real hoverboards...

What do you think, are these hoverboards by HUVr Tech real? Tell us in the Comments.