Drift Garage: Chris Forsberg brings you Drifters In Cars Answering Questions

Take a nice Sunday drive in the Datsun

Formula Drift driver and star of Network A's Drift Garage series Chris Forsberg has completed his $5,000 missile car, and it's pretty awesome. But there are lots of questions from everyone out there about that build and their own builds. So for Drift Garage's latest response video, Forsberg brings you Drifters In Cars Answering Questions—with a hat tip to Jerry Seinfeld. Brian Wilkerson from MA Motorsports joins Forsberg in the RB-powered Datsun 280Z for a leisurely Sunday drive and answers things like: "Why is it that 98% of 240 drivers can't drive for shit?" and "What is the cheapest and most effective way to get more angle from your car?" and "Is the beard necessary to build a missile?" These are very important questions. And Forsberg has the answers.

Got questions about prepping your missile car, steering mods, tires, engines, turbo, safety, welding, suspension...anything? Leave your questions below in the comment field or tweet them to #AskDriftGarage and Forsberg will answer them in an upcoming response video.

Watch the whole Drift Garage series here.

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