Drift Garage: Chris Forsberg answers your missile car questions

Plus, more Pro Tips

The inaugural season of Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck's show [Drift Garage]2 has wrapped up. That doesn't mean the end of Drift Garage, though. After building a missile car for $5,000 (well, a tad more) that absolutely owned the track, Forsberg is back in his first response video to answer your questions about putting together your own ride. Forsberg responds to users about everything from buying a used 240SX to forged internals to fuel pumps and injectors to engine maintenance. This is a must-watch for anyone interested in working on their own missile car.

Got questions about prepping your missile car, steering mods, tires, engines, turbo, safety, welding, suspension…anything? Leave your questions below in the comment field or tweet them to #AskDriftGarage and Chris will answer them in an upcoming response video.

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