Drift Garage: Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck's missile car is ready for a test run

No front end, no problem

We're getting closer. On the latest episode of Drift Garage, Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck continue their quest to build a missile car (aka a beater drift car) for under $5,000.

After an aggressive Crazy Kart session, Tuerck and Forsberg get to welding the differential on the 240SX so that both wheels will spin together. They also upgrade the interior with Recaro seats and Takata harnesses because, well, safety first. Then it's time for some engine tuning on the Dyno at MA Motorsports to see if the factory 240SX KA 24DE-T engine with its added Isis Turbo Kit is hitting their horsepower goals. They nail just about 300-horsepower and, after also replacing the blown suspension adjustable K Sport coilovers, Forsberg decides it's time to give this "turd" a test run on the track. He meets up with Brian Wilkerson and gives the missile its first true workout.

Got questions about prepping your missile car, frame straightening, swapping out engines, welding, or adding turbo? Leave your questions below in the comment field or tweet them to #AskDriftGarage and Chris and Ryan will answer your questions in an upcoming response video.

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