This is how people filmed surfing from above before drones

"Sipping Jetstreams" was ahead of its time

Filming surfing from above with a drone is so hot right now. People have mounted cameras to the unmanned aerial vehicles to capture jaw-dropping at Pipeline and Santa Cruz's Steamer Lane. One guy even tried to use one at the heavily localized California break Lunada Bay and had a rock thrown at his drone. As this new trend emerges, let us not forget that the original "drone" surf video, which came courtesy of Taylor Steele's 2006 surf movie Sipping Jetstreams. In the Indonesia section of the film, a helicopter captured the surfing of Bruce Irons and his brother, the late Andy Irons, from above. It was the first time that overhead footage of a famous surf break had really been explored, and it was done to near perfection. So take that, drones.

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Telmo Azevedo
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