Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" is the most insane skate video ever

So many never been done tricks (including a bunch with a helicopter)

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Bob Burnquist is one of the most innovative and influential skateboarders of all time. He has pioneered new obstacles, like the full loop and the corkscrew jump, many of which he has built at his home in California. Burnquist also constructed a MegaRamp on the property, and in the new video for his "Dreamland" series, Burnquist puts the ramp to previously unthought-of uses. This is Burnquist's first full part since 2010 and it is so worth the wait. Burnquist built a massive hip on his MegaRamp that sends him across a 15-foot gap. Then there is a helicopter transfer that you have to see (over and over and over again) to believe.

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