It's Bob Burnquist's birthday. Let's watch him loop the first fullpipe

It's hard to believe Burnquist is 37.

Happy 37th birthday to hellman skateboarder Bob Burnquist today. What better way to celebrate the legendary skater's special day than by watching him loop a fullpipe? Sure, nowadays Burnquist is doing even crazier things like his recent Dreamland part, but back in the mid-2000s, Burnquist's experiments skating loops really pushed the boundaries of what was possible at the time. First he did loop de loop, then he did it with the top removed and then one day he tried it to go all the way around a fullpipe. All these years later, it's still one of the craziest things ever done on a skateboard. We're just glad that at 37, Burnquist shows no signs of slowing down.

Discovered From: thissuresucks