Elliot Sloan wins Skateboard Big Air gold medal at X Games LA

Bob Burnquist's attempt at X Games sweep falls short as Sloan wins first gold.
New York City isn't known for creating vert skaters, but the Big Apple produced Elliot Sloan, who won Skateboard Big Air at X Games LA on Thursday. It was the first X Games gold medal for Sloan, whose winning run consisted of a tailgrab 720 over the gap of the MegaRamp and a tailgrab 540 on the quarterpipe. Sloan bested silver-medal winner Tom Schaar and Bob Burnquist, who won bronze. Burnquist was attempting to sweep the Skate Big Air event at all the Global X Games events in 2013, but his switch backside 180 over the gap to Indy 360 on the quarterpipe wasn't enough.

Discovered From: XGames