Red Bull Frozen Rush to combine off-road racing and snow sports in single event

Get ready for the return of one of the craziest racing events on earth

Red Bull's Frozen Rush throwdown, which drops some of the best off-road truck drivers onto the slopes of Sunday River Ski Resort for what essentially amounts to a 900-horsepower snow blower battle, returns to Maine this weekend, bringing with it the same mechanized insanity that helped make last year's event one of the action sports spectacles of the year. The field is stacked, with the likes of Rob MacCachren, Scott Douglas, and Bryce Menzies all vying to dethrone last year's champ, Ricky Johnson, but if you're looking to dig a little deeper into the drivers, the course, and the conditions, check out some of the gnarliest footage and photos from last year's inaugural event.

The pros talk about the differences between racing on dirt and snow

Bryce Menzies gets a feel for the terrain park

Source: Red Bull

Rob MacCachren tries his hand at giant slalom

Source: Red Bull

Ride along with Ricky Johnson and prepare to get whitewashed