Higgs Boson particle data gets turned into a metal song because science rules

Excuse us while we go ice our brains

OK, so we are going to level with you right off the bat: We really can't tell you what's going on here any better than we could explain the rules of Cricket. What we do know, however, is that this scientist-cum-guitarist decided to compose a metal song based on the data plots of the Higgs Boson (or "God") particle, arguably the most important scientific discovery in the modern era of man. He mapped the degrees, frequencies, and other data collected from the particle's discovery to a musical scale and then performed it. If that sounds rad to you (and trust us, it is), then let his face-melting "sonification" of science do the remainder of the talking.

Piotr Traczyk
Discovered From: Piotr Traczyk