Devin Super Tramp

Want to see something awesome? Then watch as the Devin Super Tramp crew teams up with Contiki Legends for a crazy cliff jumping edit along Italy's Amalfi Coast. We aren't even going to bother telling you not to try this on your next Euro trip, but whatever you do, do it smart. Needless to say, nothing ruins a vacation like coming home in a body bag.

At over a half-mile long, 574-feet high, and capable of hitting speeds in excess of 100 mph, the world's fastest zipline at Gravity Canyon in New Zealand certainly adds up on paper. The Devin Super Tramp crew has never been interested in how things look on paper, however, so they grabbed their usual accoutrement of 4K cameras and drones and headed out the North Island to give it a go. Needless to say, the results will have you scrambling for plane tickets before you can say "no worries, mate".

Leave it to the Devin Super Tramp to come up with—and, more importantly, execute—an idea as crazy as taking a bunch of drift trikes to a ski mountain. If you're bored of winter already, perhaps this will provide the inspiration to get out there and try something crazy.