Remember that video of trials riding on a road bike that went viral a few months back? Well Yoan Birelli just took that concept to the next level, putting his Cyclocross bike through the paces on a jump filled mountain bike course. Needless to say, this one will rattle all your fillings out.

Not only is Austin Horse fresh off his second victory at the Cycle Messenger World Championships, he's also neck-deep in diplomatic work providing bicycles to refugees in the Middle East through a program called Way of the Bike. Learn how a bike messenger went from delivering packages in NYC to changing the world one bike at a time on a brand new episode of Dose.

On Saturday, while attempting to navigate the Tour Of Utah's infamous Guardsman Pass hairpin, Irish cyclist Matt Brammeier lost control of his bike, t-boning a chase car and sustaining extensive injuries, including fractured ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken pelvis. Thankfully, Brammeier will be (relatively) OK, but judging by the horrific footage, things could have gone a lot worse.