BJ Baldwin

B.J. Baldwin and his 850-horsepower Trophy Truck with 34-inches of suspension go roaring across the Mojave Desert at 150 miles per hour doing things that just really are not conceivable. This is Recoil and it will blow your f—king mind. And he even gets a little passenger along the way...

From pre-running to the finish-line, follow along for an exclusive look at B.J. Baldwin's return to Baja as he battled his way back to the top for his 2nd consecutive Baja 1000 title.

BJ Baldwin takes time between races to have fun with his team and put on a show for the fans at the 2013 Huckfest at Pismo Beach!

In a post-Gymkhana world, where absolutely insane motorized mayhem has become the norm, BJ Baldwin's Recoil 3—the latest installment in a truly mind-blowing trio of Trophy Truck stunt driving masterclasseses—stands apart. A scripted chase scene over the hills and through the streets of Tacoma, Washington, this one showcases some of the gnarliest driving we've ever seen, pushing the capabilities of both driver and machine to their literal breaking points. So grab the firesuit, strap on the helmet, and buckle up, because just watching this one feels dangerous.