This Weekend Was The BIGGEST Weekend Ever In The Big Wave World

El Niño has already been extremely giving (or violent, depending upon how you look at it) to the Pacific coastlines this winter. But over the weekend a massive swell lit up every big wave spot from Hawaii to California to Mexico and everywhere in between.

With that, Jaws lit up, the Todos Santos Big Wave Challenge went down, and Waimea Bay was completely shut down. Get caught up on one of the most adrenaline-packed weekends in big wave surfing to ever go down.

"Biggest wave ever paddled into at Jaws"

That's what the entire surf world is saying about Aaron Gold's bomb-of-a-wave at Jaws from Friday, January 15. Take a watch yourself and witness another barrier being broken yet again in waves of serious consequence.

Josh Kerr is a big wave surfer, too

Josh Kerr (yes, the same Josh Kerr who is one of the best aerial surfers in the world) is apparently a big wave surfer. He went down to Todos Santos off the coast of Mexico and completely dominated a field of big wave chargers. Watch out regular tour next year, as Kerrzy will be bringing a Big Wave World Tour victory belt with him all season long...

Kelly Slater surfed Jaws for the first time ever

"Who is that?!"

"I don't know, but he has some style."

That people, is Kelly Slater just doing Kelly Slater things during his first session at Jaws. Did you expect anything less?

Waimea Bay was giant and closed out

Lots of people thought that this swell could also see the running of the Big Wave Eddie Aikau event at Waimea Bay—which only runs when wave heights reach 40-feet and beyond. Except the Bay was completely shutting down, which tells you just how massive this swell really was...

The whole day at Jaws was pretty insane