A Totally Unscientific Ranking of Ken Block's Gymkhana Cars

Yesterday, Ken Block debuted his wild new Gymkhana 8 whip, which got us thinking: If we were to pit all seven of Block's Gymkhana rides against in each other in a battle of pure radness, which would emerge the victor? Thus commenced one of the least scientific (and most fun) examinations we have ever conducted. Check it out and see how your favorite stacks up.

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7 Gymkhana 3: 2011 Ford Fiesta


Listen, there are no losers here, and Block's 850-hp Frankenstein Fiesta—which announced his switch from Subaru to Ford in 2010—is proof of that alone. But the slime-green rims and ink-spill livery haven't aged that well five years on, and for that reason alone, this one clocks in at number seven.

6 Gymkhana 2: 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI


This one actually started as Block's own personal street car, before Crawford Performance got their greasy mitts all over it, tuning the engine to a screaming 356 hp with some help from a then-prototype Garrett GT35R turbo. Despite what's under the hood, however, this one never quite outlived its daily driver origins, remaining the most vanilla Gymkhana ride to date.

5 Gymkhana 4 & 5: 2012 Ford Fiesta HFHV


The first hybrid in Gymkhana history (and the only car to be used across two different installments), Gymkhana 4's Ford Fiesta HFHV (Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle) is notable not only for the changes it heralded in racing tech, but also for its complete destruction of the series's two coolest setting: A movie studio with all the blockbuster trimmings and the Bullit-evoking hills of San Francisco.

4 Gymkhana 6: 2013 Fiesta ST RX43


AWD. 650 hp. 0-60 in an eye-vein-bursting 1.8 seconds. Needless to say, even if the Need For Speed commercial that was Gymkhana 6 received a lukewarm reaction, the numbers back up Block's monster Fiesta as one of the baddest cars in the Gymkhana stable.

3 Gymkhana 8: 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS


The latest addition addition to Block's island of misfit toys, this Euro-spec rally ace looks right at home as Gymkhana's first RWD tire slayer. While not as flashy as some of Block's other rides, this naturally aspirated beauty furthers Gymkhana's recent retro trend with a winning blend of understated style and all-around capability.

2 Gymkhana 1: 2005 Subaru WRX STI


The car that started it all. Beginning its life as Block's 2005 Gumball Rally racer, this clean, classic WRX eventually stepped up to the big leagues for the original Gymkhana installment, cementing its icon status in the process. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but as far as sheer aesthetics are concerned, this one might just be our pick of the litter.

1 Gymkhana 7: The Hoonicorn


I mean was there ever any doubt? With a massive 845-hp, 410 cubic-inch Roush Yates V8 mated to some of the most aggressive body work this side of Twisted Metal, Block's LA-terrorizing '65 Mustang—affectionately dubbed 'The Hoonicorn'—is probably the wildest car build of all time, let alone Gymkhana. Go ahead and argue until your blue in the face. We can't hear you over this thing's roar anyway.