A-Frame: Matthew Lawless captures the sea around him via film photography

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"Capturing or creating a moment or feeling in time is what really
inspires me. Shooting with film makes things a little tricky because
you don't have the 30-shot burst and you really have to wait for a
moment to happen before you while being fully prepared to capture it
when it comes along. I have had a lot of rolls come back to me that
I'm not happy with or didn't turn out quite like I wanted them too,
but when I get that one frame where everything lines up it makes it
that much more rewarding."—Matthew Lawless

24-year-old Matthew Lawless was born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Maui. He had plans on seeing more of the world than just tropical paradise and headed north to study Motion Design at the Vancouver Film School in Canada. He's since settled in San Diego where he gets to spend plenty of time in the Pacific Ocean shooting with top-notch pro surfers and friends.

Check out more of Matthew's work on his website (matthewlawless.com) and his blog (shoots.matthewlawless.com). And give him a follow on Instagram @matthewlawless


Gear Set-Up

I have a Canon DSLR but I always seem to shoot film over digital. There is something about film that is more exciting and surprising—it really makes you focus and think about what you're shooting. When I want to shoot stills in the water my go-to is the Nikonos V. It is one of the only camera's built to take in the water without any special water housing. It has a viewfinder but it is only for reference, so you aren't really seeing exactly what you are shooting. If I want to film something, I'll take my GoPro since I don't have a water housing for my DSLR.