100 ultra-rare cars found in a French barn auctioned off for $18 million

Can you imagine stumbling across this?

In the early 1950s French shipping magnate Roger Baillon began amassing a collection of rare cars for what he hoped would one day become his labor of love: The world's finest pre-war car museum. Unfortunately by the time the 60s rolled around, Baillon stumbled on hard times and was forced to sell off much of his collection, leaving the rest (some 100 or so cars) to rot in abandoned barn in the French countryside.

Recently, however, Baillon's lost collection was discovered, and at its heart, buried under a pile of magazines, sat a Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, one of the rarest classic sports cars on earth. Much of the collection was practically derelict, but this prized Ferrari, and the 956 Maserati A6G Gran Sport Frua (one of three ever built) it was garaged with, emerged in surprisingly good condition. The whole collection was just auctioned off for around $18 million and who knows where it will end up, so if you're car nut, take five minutes to revisit this one last time.

Discovered From: Krtekkczech